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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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iTypewriter – a typewriter for the iPad

9/3/2012 |

The iTypewriter by Austin Yang is a fully functional typewriter module for the iPad. Very geeky and it looks like there’s probably only one of them in existance. Anyway I thought it was a quite cool project, check it out over at Austin’s site for more images and a video.

iTypewriter []

Cassette to iPhone converter

9/3/2012 |

From Hammacher Schlemmer you can get this cool compact cassette to iPhone/iPhod converter for $79.95. Just install an app on your i-unit and, make sure you have batteries in the unit and start converting.

The Cassette To iPod Converter []

Get vinyl records to your iPad or iPhone easily

9/1/2012 |

The iLP is a clever turntable unit that features a dock connector which makes it possible to import your old (or new) vinyl records directly to an iPhone, iPad or iPod. They are a bit fuzzy about how it actually works but I guess you just install an app on your i-device, dock it and start importing. Itä’s compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch 4th Gen and you can use it directly with a computer as well.

iLP turntable []