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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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The Google Cube & GooOS

Fake GooOS Boot screen

…or why Google is buying black fibre.

Google balls

Larry Page, co-founder and president of products at Google, is holding the last keynote on the International CES in Las Vegas this Friday (Jan 6th, 4 pm local time) – and this keynote might just be one of the most interesting product unveilings ever.

Rumours say that Google is about to launch a dumb, network based computer called the Google Cube. The Google Cube will be a cheap, small box that needs to be connected to a server to be fully working – and that is probably why Google has been purchasing all that dark fiber for almost a year now.

The computer is based on a completely new OS, developed by Google of course. You do remember that Google has been recruiting lots of extremely skilled developers for a long time. They have been very busy building the new OS for the Google Cube and all applications around it. Jason Kottke has published a great visionary article about GooOS, the Google Operating System.

Why can this be so big?

Imagine Google shipping out millions of cheap, small Google cubes (cost is rumoured to be under $200) – that instantly can be connected to your existing TV, computer, stereo or other systems you might have in your home. Existing problems with VoIP, IP-TV is solved instantly as long as you have a Google Cube and is hooked up on their dark fiber net. And this my friend, can be a revolution.

After the keynote on On Friday 4 pm we will know…stay tuned.

[Update!] Google has denied that they are moving into the PC segment: Google Passes on PCs [Light reading]

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The Google Box

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