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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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The Octodog


Since I just have helped out OhGizmo! with the Swedish translation of this brand new Swedish product, I have to do a post about it myself (I’m from Sweden as you might know, hehe). It’s a little plastic household items, that will transform a standard sized sausage into an octopus.

For those of you who don’t know Swedish, here’s a translation

This is the product that makes everyone laugh!

With the Octodog, you can easily transform boring sausages into really cool Octopodes. With a simple twitch you detach the Octodog from the plastic holder, and place a sausage within it (fig. 1), and then you just mount the Octopod back on to the plastic holder to splice the sausage. Simple and genious.

Octodog Octopus is a brand new product in Sweden, but will be shown soon in magazines and TV. First out is the program BabyBoom on TV4+, which will make Octopizzas with the Octodog.

Height: 19cm
Width: 7cm.

Colour: Only available in Yellow.

Octodog [] (swedish)

via [OhGizmo]

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