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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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The Top 10 weirdest case mods

The Weapon of Mass Destruction case mod

Computers come in many different flavours, but apparently that ain’t enough for everybody. Case modding – the modification of a computer chassis – has become a big hobby for thousands of enthusiasts around the world.

During the last week, I have browsed through thousands and yet thousands of different case mods to create this list of The Top 10 weirdest case mods ever. Your personal favorite might not be in the list, so feel free to post a comment below.

10. The Microwave PC

The Microwave PC case mod
Let’s start of by a case mod that ain’t that crazy. What does it look like? That’s right – a microwave oven. It was built for the CES 2003 and I guess they have just ripped the interior of the microwave and replaced it with PC components. Looks cool though.
Microwave PC [engadget]

9. The Wallcrawler

The Wallcrawler case mod
Compared to some other case modifications, this got a quite radical design. All parts are fitted on the outside of a cabinet and it’s purpose is just to be a practical design since the user of the PC alternate between different hard drives on a daily basis.
The wallcrawler [extreme tech]

8. The WMD

WMD is short for Weapon of Mass Destruction, and that’s exactly what this project is all about. Even though it’s not completely finished yet, the build of this bomb is very impressive. But why have a PC that looks like an atomic bomb? Because you can I guess. I just hope it doesn’t go off or their will be printer ink everywhere!
WMD Part I by G-gnome [Bit-tech]
The Weapon of Mass Destruction case mod

7. The R2D2 PC

The R2D2 PC case mod
You saw this one coming, didn’t you? Of course someone has built a replica of R2D2 and fitted a computer inside. It looks nice too. But I guess that this one won’t impress the girls – as if any of these case mods would. Hehe, sorry all you case modders! I Don’t mean to offend anyone here. Check out the CD/DVD-roms drives. Awesome.
R2D2 PC photos []

6. The Lego Mac

The Lego Mac case mod
When you look through thousands of different case mods, you start wondering why nearly all modded cases is based on a PC. Is the Apple computer a natural beuty? Anyway, it was refreshing to see this Lego Macintosh. It was created back in 1997 out of a damaged Apple PowerBook 5300.
The Lego Mac [Apple-juice]

5. The Cyberpumpkin

The Cyberpumpkin case mod
The cyberpumpkin is one of my favorites on this list. It’s so weird – in a lovely way. Hehe. It was custom built for Intel to show off their Pentium 4 processors at the E3 2002.
Cyberpumpkin []

4. The Y2K bug

The Y2K bug case mod
The surface of this bug is outstanding. It sure has been polished a couple of times. But why is this one ranked so high in this list. I’ll tell you. It took 6 months to build. That’s weird. You can find some Quicktime movies at the end of the work log.
The Y2K bug []

3. The Gingerbread PC

The Gingerbread PC case mod
From the same creator as the Cyberpumpkin comes this really neat gingerbread PC. This one looks really good. Too bad you can’t eat the parts though (hardboard) except for the candy decoration of course. If it wasn’t christmas season this one probably wouldn’t have got this far up the list. But hey, it’s a really cool case mod, and it’s soon christmas so here it is.
Gingerbread PC []

2. The Toilet PC

The Toilet PC case mod
Of course, to be a runner up on the Top 10 weirdest case mods ever, it has to be something really unique. And what can be more unique than having your own toilet PC. Byt why couldn’t they just have built a nice toilet – what’s up with that brown stuff? It get’s a good position on the list though.
Toilet PC []

1. The Miss Kanna PC

Miss Kanna case mod
And at last – the weirdest case mod ever. This one was built for a magazine in the spring of 2004 and is some sort of manga figure. But why do you have to see the panties? There’s something with this manga culture that I don’t understand, but this case mod is extremely well put together, and yes, it’s WEIRD!.
Miss Kanna case mod []

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