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fosfor gadgets | September 19, 2018

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The Venice Project

The Venice Project

Today I played around with the 0.7.2 BETA of ‘The Venice Project‘ and have written some short initial thoughts and grabbed a bunch of screenshots of this nice little application.

What is The Venice Project?

The Venice Project is an application that is supposed to be a mix of the internet and TV worlds. It uses peer-to-peer- technology to stream the content and the 10MB application can currently only be run on a Windows XP machine with Service Pack 2 and Direct X 9.0c. The fullscreen video downloads approximately 320 MB of data per hour and uploads around 100 MB per hour. The two main brains behind the projects are Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, the same persons who recently sold Skype to ebay and founded KaZaA.

Since you’re not officially allowed to publish any screenshots I went for a show featuring a girl that is quite used to being in the press for my screenshots – Paris Hilton. I hope she won’t mind.

The Venice Project
As soon as you have activated your account and downloaded the small application you’re ready to go. The only thing you need to enter before you start is your email and your password.

The Venice Project
After a short video presentation of the project you basically have two options to go for: ‘My Channels‘ on the left’ and ‘My Venice’ on the right.

The Venice Project
My Channels helps you choose what to watch and My Venice lets you personalize the application with different kinds of plugins like…

The Venice Project
…this little clock in the right corner. There are also some other beta plugins like a chat module, a rating module and a news ticker.

The Venice Project
The Channels are currently presented in three different categories ‘Suggestions’, ‘New to TVP’ and ‘Channels’.

The Venice Project
It’s kind of hard to know how many channels that is actually in there because of the lack of numbered lists, but at least it’s easy to navigate between the different categories and scrolling inside them.

The Venice Project
All programs have a title, extended title and some additional information about the program added to it, and the available controls are the typical pause, next, volume etc.

The Venice Project
Instead of a boring hour glass when waiting for something, the Venice Project application has these small RGB (Red Green Blue) crystals spinning around.

Initial thoughts

I was quite surprised that the video and audio quality where as good as they were. I would rate the quality as something in between VHS and DVD even though there are some audio and video glitches here and there. The quality you get is very much up to your Internet connection (I tested the application using a 10 Mbit connection) and don’t even bother signing up if you know that your connection is slow. And yes, the application runs full screen at all times.

I really hope that this project will be a big success and so far it looks quite promising. The beta has only been available for a couple of weeks and it’s already pretty good. When they add lots of users that helps out with the peer-to-peer streaming, a nice set of community tools and some killer content I really hope that this one takes off. And if you look at the creators track records with Skype and KaZaA, I’m sure it will.

Thanks to Mikael Österlund for sending me the invitation. If you want an invitation just let me know, I have 5 0 of them available.

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