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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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Top 10 most beautiful keyboards

Speedlink metal keyboard

A couple of months ago we put together the list of the ‘Top 10 most beautiful cellphones‘. Today we’ll concentrate on the world’s most beautiful keyboard. We’ve probably looked at several thousand keyboards before we came up with these final 10, so if you know of any additional keyboard with a truly unique and nice design, please add them in the comment below! Ok, lets get it on with number 10:

10. The Surta-7

The Surta-7
The Surta-7 is a vandalism-proof industrial keyboard meant to be used in public places and various kiosk stations. It’s a robust and clean design made out of stainless steel. I guess this one is a pain to type on (as there’s usually only small micro switches beneath each key), but at least it looks good. Or I would put it this way – it’s so ugly that it’s beautiful!

The Surta-7 industrial keyboard []

9. Speedlink flat metal keyboard

Speedlink metal keyboard

The wireless Speedlink flat metal keyboard is a elegant and classy input device. The front face is made out of brushed material and the keyboard features 18 hotkeys that gives you quick access to anything you would like. The working range is about 10 metres.

Speedlink metal keyboard []

8. Wireless entertainment desktop 8000

Wireless entertainment desktop 8000
I realize that this photo doesn’t give the Microsoft’s Wireless entertainment desktop 8000 the credibility it deserves. It’s in fact a really good looking keyboard. The coolest thing with the keyboard is the fact that it’s completely backlit and the comfort curve makes it feel very relaxing and easy to use.

Wireless entertainment desktop 8000

7. Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop

Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop
The diNovo Cordless Desktop is another sleek keyboard from Logitech. The numeric keypad doubles as a calculator and can even display the temperature and date/time. Everything is wireless and the set also includes a wireless mouse and a mini-receiver desktop stand.

Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop []

6. SteelKeys 6G

SteelKeys 6G
The SteelKeys 6G is a pro gaming keyboard from SteelSeries. Thanks to a built-in buffer system up to 8 keys can be used simultaneously. It’s a cool looking keyboard!

SteelKeys 6G []

5. Luxiium Luxeed keyboard

The Luxiium Luxeed is a keyboard that features built-in LED lights in every single key. The key can be programmed to display any of the available 512 colors which makes it possible to do program some really cool night effects. The keyboard is also available in a white model with transparent keys. Interesting concept!

Luxiium Luxeed keyboard
Luxiium Luxeed keyboard [Engadget]

4. Das Keyboard II

Das Keyboard
Das Keyboard may look just like any other keyboard at the first glance, but take a closer look at it – it’s totally clean. Just glossy black plastic with absolutely no text on the keys (except the logo of course). The home keys F and J have been specially shaped so the user’s index fingers find their home position easily. Yeah, this is the ultimate hacker keyboard – and the completely black design make it a cool contender on this list.

3. Optimus keyboard

Optimus keyboard

The Optimus keyboard is probably the most talked-about keyboard so far. It’s one of the most digged stories ever (currently one of the Optimus stories has 12 888 diggs), and the release date has been pushed forward a couple of times. The keyboard isn’t out yet, and the last thing I heard was that the keys wasn’t going to be in color – black and white only. We’ll see about that, but the original idea made it onto this list.

The Optimus keyboard []

2. Apple Wireless keyboard

Apple Wireless keyboard
Apple’s wireless keyboard that got introduced in 2003 is a true beauty. It utilizes bluetooth to transfer the data and the keyboard features 16 function keys, full numeric keypad, inverted-T, audio control and the ability to eject optical media.
Here’s a better view of it taken by lluniau []

Apple Wireless keyboard

1. Logitech diNovo Edge

Logitech diNovo Edge
Logitech diNovo Edge
Picking the winner was quite easy – and a few of my gadget friends picked the same winner – the Logitech diNovo Edge. The combination of glossy black plexi, brushed aluminium and the cool lighting effects make it a stunning keyboard. Check out the side view and start drooling. Congratulations Logitech!

Logitech diNovo Edge []

Honorable mentions

Fujitsu’s UMPC concept

Fujitsu's UMPC concept
The Fujitsu’s UMPC concept is just a concept, but it features a beautiful keyboard that also has a clever foldable design.

Fujitsu’s UMPC []

ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum
You got to give it up to the classic rubber keyboard from Sinclair on the ZX Spectrum. The rubber keyboard (chiclet keyboard) of the ZX Spectrum is something truly unique. I still have one at home…love. En valutaomvandlare.

ZX Spectrum [Wikipedia]

Diatec’s Majestouch

Diatec's Majestouch

The Diatec’s Majestouch is a huge and heavy piece that features a brushed aluminim face and blue LED lights. Gizmodo gave this one the title ‘Pimp keyboard‘, and that’s a pretty good summary of the Diatec’s Majestouch.

Majestouch: Pimp Keyboard []

Steampunk keyboard mod

Steampunk keyboard mod

The Steampunk keyboard isn’t a mass production keyboard, but it sure is a beutiful one. It’s made out of a traditional IBM Model M keyboard and two old typewriters. Cool one.

Steampunk keyboard mod []

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