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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Top 10 Superbowl gadgets

Top 10 Superbowl gadgets
Edgar Mutelbrünk

Football Universal Remote Control
Since it is Superbowl this weekend what can be better than a Top 10 list of Superbowl gear. We really enjoyed putting this one together and we sure hope you enjoy reading it.

10. The Football Grill

The Football Grill
Having a barbeque for Superbowl? Score a touchdown at every tailgate party with this one – the perfect grill for the occasion – a Charcoal Companion Hot Grill shaped like a football. The grill measures 17 by 12 inches and it weighs 10 pounds. The price is $49.99.
The Football Grill [Amazon]

9. Football helmet mp3 player

Football helmet mp3 player
I found lots and lots of computer mouses, mouse pads and similar items but honestly they were all too boring to make it on to the list. Here is one that actually made it. It is a mp3 player that is shaped like a football helmet. 1 GB of storage for $89 at Target.
Football helmet mp3 player []

8. Pro Football slow cooker

Pro Football slow cooker
Cooking for Superbowl? If you want the perfect slow cooker for your Superbowl meal you got to check out this Football Slow Cooker from Pro Pots. The pot has 3 settings: off, warm, and cook and measures 7 by 11 by 11 inches. The price is $39.99.
Pro Pots Football-Shaped 1-1/2-Quart Slow Cooker [Amazon]

7. NY Giants Scoreboard Clock

NY Giants Scoreboard Clock
The perfect way to dress up your living room wall for Superbowl is to get a Giant Scoreboard clock. The scoreboard mMeasures 20″ x 14″ and gives you the time, date and temperature – and you can get it painted with a lot of different teams, not just the New York Giants. The price tag reads $74.99.
NY Giants Scoreboard Clock []

6. NFL Trivia Pro

NFL Trivia Pro
This is a neat little toy that lets you play the knowing game with your Superbowl buddies. The unit is packed with thousands of football questions like the one featured above ‘Who was named MVP in in the NFL in 1998‘ (the correct answer is Terrell Davis, Running Back in Denver). The price is $24.99.
NFL Trivia Pro [Amazon]

5. Virtual Distance Football

Virtual Distance Football
The ultimate question for your Superbowl buddies: How far can you throw? Find out with this really neat football that automatically measures the distance it gets thrown or kicked. Pretty cool right? Another cool thing is that it’s only $20.
Virtual Distance Football []

4. NFL Football fone phone

NFL Football fone phone
This item can only be found on eBay but ain’t it just too cool? I am pretty sure that you can find a modern version of this one but unfortunately I didn’t find one today. This one is $19 plus shipping. The one above is a rare, vintage model from when there were still only 30 teams in the NFL. Nice!
NFL Football fone phone [eBay]

3. Football Universal Remote Control

Football Universal Remote Control
This universal remote control is the perfect way to control your equipment during any football night and especially Superbowl. You just have to love it! It even comes with a uilt-in voice that says “Are you ready for some football?” when you press that special button. Price is $19.99.
Football Universal Remote Control []

2. Automatic Quarterback

Automatic Quarterback
If this automatic quarterback thingy from Hammacher won’t impress your Superbowl buddies I don’t think anything will. The automatic football passer will throw you a perfect spiral every time and the foam football will be sent away up to 30 yards. The asking price is $69.95 and you can adjust the machine to give you both lateral passes and long, high bombs. Neat!
Automatic Quarterback []

1. Adult Football Fan Mask

Adult Football Fan Mask
It was hard to pick the winner for this Top 10, but this one made me laugh so many times that I just had to place it in the top position. It gets funnier for every time I look at it. You will look like a very weird super hero wearing this football mask. It is the cheapest item on this list too – only $9.99. Weird shit, hehe.

Adult Football Fan Mask []

Runner ups

Here is a couple more gadgets that didn’t make it into the final list, but I still think they are worth mentioning:

Riddell Revolution IQ HITS

Riddell Revolution IQ HITS
The Riddell Revolution IQ HITS is a professional product that monitors and records all impacts received during a game or practice. All data can be uploaded to your computer via the desktop antenna (an additional $300). Cool and expensive pro gear.
Riddell Revolution IQ HITS []

Football Inflatable Cooler

Football Inflatable Cooler
The best way to keep your drinks cool for Superbowl – a big inflatable football field cooler. Don’t forget the ice.
Football Inflatable Cooler []

Electronic Football Game

Fisher Price ESPN Fast Action Football Electronic Game Table
I have never seen one of these Fisher Price games for real, but it sure looks like a whole lot of fun! It combines physical head to head gaming with digital electronics. Here is a quite from an Amazon customer review:

So is it fun? You bet. It’s not going to enthrall an adult or teenager for hours on end, but if you like electronic games and you want to get a quick workout, this is a good way to go. You can really work up a sweat in 16 minutes of running in place!

Football Electronic Game Table [Amazon]

Retro gadget

Tudor NFL Electronic Football

Tudor NFL Electronic Football
To end this list of Superbowl gadgets I want to add a retro gadget that is really cool. If you give this one to a kid today he or she will probably think that it is an amazingly boring game but when I was young I could spend days with a gadget like this one. Times change!
Tudor NFL Electronic Football []

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