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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Upgrading to Blu-ray

My new blu-ray reader (Pioneer BDC-202BK

Today I went by my local hardware store and picked up a cheap blu-ray reader (Pioneer BDC-202BK) since my HD DVD reader ain’t that hot anymore. It was amazingly easy to get going and I played my first blu-ray movie within 30 minutes from coming home with the blu-ray unit.

To the left is the new blu-ray unit and in the right corner you can see the front of the old reader.

Installing the blu-ray
Removing the old unit was pretty straight forward and it took just a 5 minutes and a little tweaking and screwing to have them switched.

Blu-ray version of U2 Rattle and Hum
I booted up the computer and loaded the new blu-ray reader with U2′s Rattle and hum…

Blu-ray version of U2 Rattle and Hum playing
…and it worked like a charm! Played instantly! I had AnyDVD and Cyberlink PowerDVD already installed but even if I wouldn’t have the whole process would have been very easy! And now my system is upgraded with a brand new region free blu-ray drive!

HD DVD rom
Anyone interested in buying an HD DVD reader? :-)

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