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fosfor gadgets | September 19, 2018

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Video art for your flat screen

Filmic Art

On a trade show today in Sweden – Digital Home 2007 – I found at least two companies selling movies of bonfires and fishes – and that ain’t too exciting. But I also found the company Filmic Art who has just released thee DVDs featuring some nice, fresh ideas.

Jonas Randell from Filmic Art
Here’s Jonas Randell from Filmic Art presenting one of their 3 DVDs ArtMotion. The other two titles are UrbanMotion and WallpaperMotion.

Filmic Art
ArtMotion features video art from Phullip Prinz, Nino Strohecker, Eva Olsson, Jonas Nilsson, Georg Götmark, David Herdies and Niclas Hallberg.

Filmic Art
I don’t think that the movies are available outside Sweden (yet), but if you are interested just drop me a mail and I’ll hook you up with them. The price is around $50.

Filmic Art
Here’s a shot from the DVD I liked the most – UrbanMotion – it features nice urban, slow motion scenes from New York

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