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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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XtremeMac Tango X2

XtremeMac Tango X2

I own a XtremeMac Tango and I use it daily but one thing I really miss with it is that it doesn’t come with a built-in radio. Today I got a press release and a bunch of images of the new XtremeMac Tango X2 – and this one features a built-in radio with a neat hidden display and six presets. Nice one! A bunch of photos and some more information after the jump.

Press release from XtremeMac:

XtremeMac Unveils Tango X2™ Audio System for iPod with built-in AM/FM radio
2.1 Speaker system delivers powerful room filling sound for $149.95

XtremeMac Tango X2

MACWORLD 2008, BOOTH #1102, SAN FRANCISCO – JANUARY 16, 2007 — XtremeMac today announced Tango X2™, its latest addition to an already impressive line of speakers built for Apple’s iPod. Tango X2 is a full range speaker system with a subwoofer and AM/FM radio wrapped in an elegant design that delivers big sound from a deceptively compact unit.

XtremeMac Tango X2

Like its predecessor Tango, this unit is equipped with precision tuned high dynamic speakers, tweeters, and a subwoofer to produce the phenomenal sound for which it was so highly regarded. Tango X2 improves on the previous version by adding an AM/FM radio with a hidden display and six user presets. The new design is also thirty percent smaller than the original allowing for placement in virtually any media center or room. The result is a compact, robust speaker system unlike any other currently on the market.

XtremeMac Tango X2

The sleek, black and chrome system includes a universal dock well that will charge and play any iPod with a dock connector, and has an auxiliary line-in jack on the back of the unit for connecting other devices. The built in AM/FM radio can be tuned through buttons or presets on top of the unit, or through the advanced function remote. The blue LED display is cleverly concealed behind the speaker grill when not in use, and easily visible from across the room when it is being used for tuning or displaying source information.

XtremeMac Tango X2

Tango X2 creates a new standard for iPod speakers.” said CEO Gary Bart. “It is the only system available that combines outstanding audio performance, iPod functionality, and an AM/FM radio, for half the price of other units.

Tango X2 is priced at $149.95 and may be pre-ordered from XtremeMac’s website today, or purchased at retail outlets worldwide in the coming weeks.

Tango X2 []

XtremeMac Tango X2

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